StarOffice Basic is a historical programming language created in 2000.

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Example code from Wikipedia:

Sub ParaCount
' Count number of paragraphs in a text document
    Dim Doc As Object, Enum As Object, TextEl As Object, Count As Long
    Doc = ThisComponent
' Is this a text document?
    If Not Doc.SupportsService("") Then
        MsgBox "This macro must be run from a text document", 64, "Error"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Count = 0
' Examine each component - paragraph or table?
    Enum = Doc.Text.CreateEnumeration
    While Enum.HasMoreElements
        TextEl = Enum.NextElement
' Is the component a paragraph?
        If TextEl.SupportsService("") Then
            Count = Count + 1
        End If
'Display result
    MsgBox Count, 0, "Paragraph Count"
End Sub

Last updated February 11th, 2019