ProvideX is a historical programming language created in 1992.

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Example code from Wikipedia:

! This example code shows some ways to do the traditional hello world.
   print 'CS', ! Clear Screen
   ! Plain Text
   print "Hello World!"

   ! Fonted Text (Error branch moves to next line if fonted text not available)
   print (0,err=*next)'Font'("Arial,-16,B"), ! Use Bold 16pt Arial Font
   print (0,err=*next)'Text'(@x(20),@y(2),"Hello World"),

   ! Move to the 2nd to last line on screen
   print @(3,mxl(0)-2),"Press Enter: ",
   input a$

   ! Message Box
   msgbox "Hello World"+sep+sep+"This is a test message box.","Message Box"

Last updated February 11th, 2019