Limbo is an actively used programming language created in 1995.

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Example code from the Hello World Collection:

Hello World in Limbo.
Limbo is the programming language of the Inferno OS
(from Lucent Bell Labs).

implement Cmd;

include "sys.m";
include "draw.m";

Cmd : module {
    init : fn (ctxt : ref Draw->Context, args : list of string);

init(nil : ref Draw->Context, nil : list of string)
    sys := load Sys Sys->PATH;
    sys->print("Hello World\n");

Example code from Linguist:

Lock: module
	PATH:	con "/dis/lib/lock.dis";

	Semaphore: adt {
		c: chan of int;
		obtain:	fn(nil: self ref Semaphore);
		release: fn(nil: self ref Semaphore);
		new: fn(): ref Semaphore;
	init: fn();

Example code from Wikipedia:

implement Command;
 include "sys.m";
     sys: Sys;

 init(Context, nil: list of string)
     sys = load Sys Sys->PATH;
     print("Hello World!\n");

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